Family may have been unintended victims in arson

Home burned the day after murder across the street

Tampa authorities are searching for a person who intentionally burned down a Sulphur Springs duplex.
Fire marshal investigators announced Monday it is a case of arson.
The fire has forced Aminah Wynn to start over with nothing. She and her family live on Semmes Street, where the fire occurred, and almost everything they own was destroyed.
Wynn, her husband and three young boys were sitting down to down for dinner Friday, still rattled after a man was shot and killed at a home across the street 24 hours earlier.
Wynn said they heard a commotion outside from a large of group of people upset over the murder.
Then came the sound of glass breaking at the home next door.
"Somehow that turned into chaos. The streets were full, police were getting yelled at and pushed,” she said. “It was a movie to me. It was just so unreal I couldn't wrap my mind around it at all.”
Afraid of what might happen next, the family left their home for the night.
"The only thing I was thinking of grabbing were my children. My husband grabbed me. I grabbed the children. That was the most important things are the time," said Wynn.
Leaving turned out to be a decision that may have saved their lives.
Fire marshal investigators say later that evening someone went into the home next door and poured a flammable liquid in a bedroom.
Nobody was home, but there was major fire and smoke damage to that unit and the one next door where the family lived.
Wynn believes it was payback related to the murder, although Tampa police aren't saying if they've made that connection.
The family salvaged a few pictures, but everything else – furniture, clothes, electronics – are a total loss.
"The house is destroyed. There was no roof. Everything was burnt to a crisp," said Wynn.
The fire marshal wants anyone with information to contact them. You may be eligible for a cash reward.
Meanwhile the family is staying at a relative’s home, still wondering what they will do next.
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