Family and friends say goodbye to 9-year-old Felecia Williams

TAMPA, Fla -  

Grieving family members, friends, and those who just felt moved to pay their respects, came to the Rock Church of God by Faith in Tampa to remember 9-year-old Felecia Williams. Family members knew her as sugar plum. 


"It's terrible. Just to think about losing a child. We're not suppose to bury our kids, our kids are suppose to bury us," family friend Lafunda Brooks said.


"Yesterday and today was a celebration of life for this beautiful young lady that was taken a way way to soon," family attorney Ariel O' Garcia said.


Many attending wore pink and white, two of sugar plum's favorite colors. The casket was carried to the church by horse and carriage, a ride fit for a princess. Exactly what little felecia was to those who loved her. "It's heart touching. I'm still kind of jitterish. Very sad," Brooks said.


But as loved ones say goodbye, they're still without answers about her murder.


Wednesday police arrested 35-year-old Granville Ritchie on charges not related to Williams, but they do call him a suspect.


Detectives say with so much attention on this case more leads are coming in. As for today, the attention was all about shining a light on a  life taken too soon. "It's always great to have to have this outpouring of love and compassion and support from the community. It helps, but nothing replaces the loss of a child," Garcia said.


Right now police are still tracking down leads and gathering up information to determine what happened to Felecia Williams. They're even offering a $13,000 reward to anyone with any information about the case.

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