Explosion rocks Radio Bar and Grill identified as a bomb, officials investigating

Tampa Police are investigating reports of an explosion at the Radio Bar and Grill at 2806 E. Busch Boulevard.
Officials say police received a call at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday with the caller saying, "Someone set off a bomb in the bar."
An employee and a patron were inside at the time of the explosion. The patron was hospitalized and later released.
When officers arrived, they saw that some type of bomb involving a black powder went off inside the bar.
The area was evacuated while a sweep was conducted by the Department's Explosive and Ordinance Team and the Fire Marshall.
Wilson Cerdeno-Rodriguez was one of two people inside at the time.

"I went to the restroom, then there was a large explosion, I was thrown, all I know was that something happened outside," he said, holding his head because he says the explosion gave him headaches.

The bar's owner also spoke to our crew off camera, but told us it was him, his girlfriend and Rodriguez inside the bar at the time.

He says someone ripped open the back door and threw some sort of explosive device in.

The entire back portion of the bar is completely torn, with damage that even ripped off doors.

ABC Action News also obtained of some of the last moments inside the bar as seen through live stream video.

The bar operates a radio station that streams live, as part of its namesake.

Robert Hoffa was the DJ last night, and had just set for home about 10 minutes before he got the frantic call from his boss.

"He calls me right back and he says 'a bomb just went off!' and I had literally just pulled right back into my driveway," he said.

Glass littered the spot where Hoffa had just been sitting, and if he were there even earlier, he would have likely been injured.

"Everybody's ears have been ringing for the past 2, 3 hours or so because it was so loud. It definitely wasn't some homemade explosive device," Hoffa said.

The interior of the bar did sustain damage, but the extent is unknown.
It is not clear whether the bomb was an amateur device, but more details are expected to be released from the arson investigator later today.
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