EXCLUSIVE: Tampa man, now living in Israel, talks about fighting, grounded flights

"I always knew this was a possibility."

TAMPA - All commercial, U.S. flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel were grounded Tuesday for at least 24 hours by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

A former Tampa resident talked exclusively to ABC Action News on Wednesday morning about the unrest in the region and the thought of not being able to get back to the States at this time.

"Leaving really hasn't entered my mind to be honest," said Jeff Trager, who moved just outside of Tel Aviv in April.  "Having lived in Israel before, I always knew that this was a possibility that could happen.  But I have never felt unsafe.  Even with everything that's going on.

Trager says the bulk of the fighting and attacks are happening in the Southern region of the country, but the threat of missiles overhead is very real where he is too.  That realized earlier this week when a missile, launched from Gaza, landed very close to the international airport in Tel Aviv prompting the temporary grounding of flights by the FAA.

For the time being, a cease fire appears to be further away for many who live in the war torn region.  Trager said when it gets dangerous in Tel Aviv, where he is in Hebrew school, there are always places to take cover.

"There are shelters everywhere, so within 30 seconds we can be in a shelter.  We wait to make sure there is no more debris falling and then it's pretty much business as usual," said Trager.

Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Israel Wednesday morning in an effort to negotiate a cease fire. 

The FAA is set to give an update on possibly lifting the ban on U.S. flights into Tel Aviv at some point Wednesday.

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