EXCLUSIVE: Attorney for Ibragim Todashev's family divulges details in FBI shooting death

TAMPA - Dressed in a black suit, Hassan Shibly, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, spoke to ABC Action News alone Monday night.  Tuesday morning he will be flanked by Abdulbaki Todashev, father of Ibragim Todashev. 

Ibragim was shot and killed by FBI agents following a four-hour interrogation on May 22.

"It is never good when an unarmed individual is shot multiple times by FBI agents in his own home after hours of questioning," said Shibly, who was hired by the Todashev family.

Shibly said private investigators hired by Ibragim's family recently found out that the 27-year-old was shot seven times inside his Orlando apartment following lengthy interrogations.

Ibragim, a Russian native, was being questioned about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston bombing suspect who was killed in a shootout with police.  FBI agents wanted to know if Tsarnaev was connected to three separate murders in the Waltham area.

"Potentially, he may have been shot while on the ground and potentially the bullets might have been in the back of his head," Shibly said.

Todashev's family cannot confirm their private investigator's findings because the FBI has ordered autopsy results not to be released. 

"It's been extremely frustrating that the FBI barred the release of their son's medical examiner report.  I mean we have the pictures.  We see the bullet holes riddling the individual's body," Shibly explained.

Shibly added that he does not believe the FBI is withholding those reports in an effort to prevent the truth from coming out.  He believes they are not being released because the FBI and other federal agencies have launched investigations.  Once those investigations conclude, Shibly feels the reports will be released.

"Ibrahim had a chance to avoid that meeting.  He had a flight and postponed it to talk to the FBI," Shibly said.

There are conflicting accounts of what occurred during that interrogation.  Of particular interest is whether or not Ibragim was armed.

Shibly said he has no doubts Ibragim was unarmed.

"It was clear that Ibragim was handicapped during the interrogation.   He had knee surgery.  He couldn't walk properly," he explained.

Shibly also played devil's advocate regarding the issue.

"I think the onus is on the FBI that when they are questioning somebody for four to five hours in their home to make sure that they're doing it in the safest possible way.  And, if they are doing it in a way where someone is able to get a weapon, then I think they are doing a poor job," Shibly said.

Hoping to get some answers about his son's death, Abdulbaki Todashev has traveled from Russia to Central Florida.  He intends to speak during a press conference Tuesday morning at CAIR.

"I don't see him angry with this country.  I just see him as hurt.  I think he is really seeking answers about what happened to his son, seeking transparency," Shibly said of Todashev's father.

According to Shibly, Todashev will announce CAIR's preliminary investigation findings, speak on State Attorney Jeff Ashton's criminal investigation and announce a new co-council.

"I'm sure when the government knows who new co-council is on the case, it will draw their attention," Shibly added.

Todashev will also publicly call for a meeting with Ashton.

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