Economic impact of Bollywood not stretching as fas as some had hoped

Tens of thousands of people will descend on Tampa in the next few days for the IIFA Awards.
Hotels and businesses in the downtown are preparing for the the influx of people.
"When we have big events like that we gear up big time," said Kevin Reyes.
Reyes works at Eddie and Sam's Pizza just a few blocks from the host hotel, the Hilton.
"Wednesday is the big day," said Scott Cathcart.
Cathcart works at the Hilton. He said the hotel isn't focused on filling rooms, but security for their guests.
"Security is the biggest issue we're looking at. We don't know what to expect," Cathcart said.
They anticipate hundred of people will go outside the hotel to try to catch a glimpse of one of the more than 100 celebrities they will have staying there.
But not all the hotels in the city have been able to cash in on the film fest.
"Downtown is very busy. I think it's going to be active and really fun down there. Westshore, it's a little quiet out here so far," said Pam Avery.
Avery is the general manager for the Holiday Inn on Westshore.
It is one of multiple hotels in the area that had anticipated a larger turnout then they're receiving.
"We are not booked and I'm hopeful that we will be by the time the event begins," Avery said.
She said even if all the rooms are not booked next week, the international attention this will bring to the Tampa area will help draw other big events in the future.
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