East Tampa resident claims car stereo noise has gotten louder since supreme court ruling

Clay Daniels is pushing for new state law

TAMPA - Tampa city officials are trying to figure out a better way to crack down on cranked up tunes, as one resident claims the noise has gotten louder after a recent higher court ruling.

Police can no longer enforce a state law on loud car stereos due to a supreme court ruling late last year that called it unconstitutional.

Under that law, motorists could get a ticket for stereos that were audible more than 25 feet from the car.

Now it's up to municipalities to enforce local ordinances, which requires more time and paperwork than the old way.

That's why Clay Daniels says the problem has gotten even worse.

"This goes on all night.  Boom, boom, boom, boom!" Said Clay Daniels, who lives in East Tampa. "It just vibrates your whole house."

Daniels has been putting up with cranked up stereos for more than 20 years. Now he says the noise has never been louder.

"Things have gotten worse, people are getting very abusive with it. They get in front of your house and play it. It has gotten out of control," he said.

Daniels went in front of the Tampa City Council on Thursday to push for action.

Judy Ellis, head of Noise-Free Florida in St. Petersburg, says it was much more effective when officers could hand out tickets, just like a moving violation.

"They're pretty well hog-tied until the legislature -- which is what we're working -- is to get the legislature to get moving and get us a new law," she said.

She says a new law is the only way to truly fix the problem.

Until then, Daniels plans to continue to wear ear plugs to bed at night to help block out the non-stop, window-rattling ruckus.

"I don't know why they do it… you can hear it seven, eight blocks away," he said.

The city council will hold a work study on March 28 to see if it can come up with a better way for police to enforce the local ordinance and to make sure it reflects the supreme court ruling.

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