During interrogation, DeeDee Moore offers multiple explanations for Shakespeare's death

State rested its case late Friday evening

TAMPA - Some powerful evidence came out in the final hours of the DeeDee Moore murder trial on Friday.

Moore is accused of killing Lakeland lottery winner, Abraham Shakespeare.

Late on Friday, right before resting its case, the state focused on Moore's inconsistent statements -- lies -- to detectives.

The prosecution played a long video recording of an interrogation with Moore before she was taken into custody.

During this interview, Moore learns that detectives have been listening in on her conversations with Gregg Smith, the man she thought was going to help her move Shakespeare's body.

He was really a confidential informant working for the sheriff's office.

"It's the bottom of the 9th and you've got two strikes, DeeDee, OK?" A detective is heard telling her, an attempt to get the truth. "This is your last chance you have DeeDee.  This is the last chance for redemption, OK?"

The one and only objective in the interrogation was to find out what happened to Shakespeare.

Eventually, Moore offers this theory:

"It was a drug deal that went bad," she said on the video. "And the guys name is, uhh... uhhh... something..."

She couldn't think of the drug dealer's name who supposedly killed Shakespeare.

But with some more persistence from detectives, it wasn't long before she scratched that idea and moved on to a new one.

"I'm telling you, Cedric took the gun, and in cold blood, did not even hesitate to shoot the man, and I seen it happen," she said with conviction.

Cedric is Shakespeare's cousin, who actually reported him missing back in the fall of 2009.

As Moore watched this all play out in court, tears flowed.

One heated moment came when she claimed she was being framed.

"Look at all the stuff you did DeeDee! Look at all the other stuff you've done!," The detective shouted. "If there's ever been some kind of cover up you've done it on this case!"

Just when it looked like that was the end of the lies, Detective David Clark testified that she had one more statement, as she broke down and left the interrogation room.

"She then said my son, R.J. shot Abraham twice.  Abraham was trying to choke me.  RJ walked in the room and shot him.  He was only protecting me like any son would do," he said, referring to Moore's statement.

Moore has maintained her innocence throughout the trial.

The unanswered question is whether Moore will take the stand. Her attorneys said they are still considering it.

They will have the weekend to reach a decision.

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