Deputies find weapons, secret hideout in Dover home

DOVER, Fla. -  Lee Roy Maxwell surrendered at his Dover home to Hillsborough deputies Tuesday night, but they don't believe that was his original plan.

Deputies say Maxwell admitted to firing off three rounds from his rifle at his girlfriend, missing her with every shot. The 31-year-old was violating a domestic violence injunction being near the woman in the first place.

Once inside his home, investigators say they uncovered Maxwell's plan to stay hidden away.

"They found a trap door the width that would allow an adult male to hide themselves in the void between the trailer and the ground," said Deputy Albert Selke.

Deputies say Maxwell could enter the space through a hidden door on the floor of a bedroom closet.  Inside the secret cubby hole, they say they found enough water "for a long stay."  Investigators also found two guns and ammunition inside the home.

Maxwell was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of violation of a domestic violence injunction.

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