Deputies arrest man who called 911 more than 1,200 times

TAMPA - Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies had to go undercover to find a man who called 911 more than 1,200 times.

The calls started on December 31, 2012 and came from an unregistered cell phone. It did not have a working phone number or an associated carrier.

By law, the phone is required to still connect with 911.

Deputies used the phone's GPS and tracked it to the area of East Boulevard and Massaro Boulevard in Tampa.

According to a release, the caller rambled.  Other times, he didn't speak at all.

Patrol deputies, K-9 deputies and Air Service responded to the area several times and were unable to locate the caller.

During undercover surveillance on Wednesday, February 13, deputies finally tracked the phone and arrested the caller.

Deputies said Jason Michael Honaker, 38, confessed to making the calls.

Honaker is charged with 7 felony counts of False 911 calls.  More charges are possible.

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