DeeDee Moore declines to take stand in Abraham Shakespeare lottery murder trial

TAMPA - A supporter of DeeDee Moore was kicked out of the courtroom this morning.

This as Moore's defense rested its case -- with Moore telling the judge it's not necessary for her to take the stand in her own defense.

"Have you made a decision to testify or not?"

"I will not testify," Moore said

And with that, the defense ended up not calling a single witnesses in this case.

They say there is no evidence that proves Moore killed Abraham Shakespeare in 2009 after investigators say she drained the last of his lottery winnings.

"There is no witness that can say she ever admitted to doing the killing or participating as a principle in helping anyone else do the killing."

But in court, prosecutors played a recording where Moore asked a confidential informant with help in moving Shakespeare's remains.

"The body's on property she owns, the murder happened in her house and with her gun."

Things took another odd turn in this trial when an on-looker in the courtroom was told to leave.

"It's been reported to the court that you may have engaged in conversations that could be construed as threats to witnesses in this case."

Rose Condora is the woman's name, she says she was in jail with Moore and now visits her regularly.

The jury went to deliberation after attorneys presented closing arguments Monday afternoon.

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