"DeeDee" Moore's medical issue delayed lotto murder trial Friday

TAMPA, Fla. - The woman suspected of killing lottery jackpot winner Abraham Shakespeare was taken for medical treatment overnight at the Hillsborough County Jail. 

The unexpected medical issue caused a delay in Friday morning's testimony.

Dorice "DeeDee" Moore complained of pain from the shackles on her ankles, and was admitted into the infirmary.  She told the judge at the downtown courthouse that she was given medication that made her condition worse.

"I had an anaphylactic shock because they gave me a medication… for a kidney infection," Moore said with a muffled voice in court Friday morning."

My tongue swelled up really bad last night and they admitted me," she said.

Circuit Judge Emmett Battles delayed the start of the trial until a a doctor could reach the courthouse. 

"The bottom line is you've received the medical care you need, and in fact Dr. Weaver is going out of her way which is appropriate to come here and make sure she's going to spend a few minutes with you, make sure everything's okay," Battles said. 

The judge told Moore she could either wear socks or a wear a different type of shackle as an alternative to the shackles that she claimed were bothering her.

"The one you may prefer has to do with additional socks and protection," the judge said. 

"The other option has to do with a type of leg restraint that is essentially a bar on the leg."

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