DeeDee Moore gives attorney thumbs up, investigator says Shakespeare's accounts were empty

Accused lotto killer gives 'thumbs up'

TAMPA - There was a change in the mood Friday morning during the DeeDee Moore trial.

After a day of tears Thursday, Moore was all smiles on Friday, giving her attorney a "thumbs up."

Moore is on trial for murder, accused of killing Abraham Shakespeare for his multi-million dollar lottery winnings.

An investigator with the state attorney's economic crimes unit testified all Friday morning, telling jurors that by the time Shakespeare died, his bank accounts were completely empty.

On Thursday, Moore broke down after she was scolded by the judge.

She was reprimanded because she yelled out "I'm tired of these people lying".

Shakespeare's ex-girlfriend testified that Moore offered a house and a car if she would help mislead detectives searching for Shakespeare.

You can watch Ryan Raiche's report about Moore's outbursts and Thursday's testimony here:

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