Customers "lovin' it" at McDonald's for Valentine's Day dinner

Holiday transformation at fast food restaurant

TAMPA, Fla. - Love is in the air, along with the smell of French fires. A Tampa McDonald's is trying something new as a place for sweethearts to dine this Valentine's Day. It gives new meaning to the slogan "I'm loving' it."

"It's the first time I've ever seen it and it's awesome," said customer Jerry Green.

Between bites, Green and his fiance, Glenda Williams, talked about why they are a perfect match.

"She keeps me smiling," Green said.

"He's very dependable," Williams said. "And I'm safe with him. I feel very safe."

General Manager Heather Williams came up with the idea to make Valentine's Day at her McDonalds extra special.

"Our goal is to create a golden moment today. We are going to call them McMemories for Valentine's Day."

Her restaurant took reservations and decked the place out for a fine dining experience complete with hostesses and servers.

"They get served in a glass, they have plates, silverware," Williams said.

And you can order any of McDonald's selections off a real menu.

"Like our beef products, we also have our Happy Meals on here. Our premium salads," Williams said.

As for our happy couple, they are getting married in two months. Glenda said she can see this turning into a yearly tradition.

"This is our first year here," she said, "so if he decides to do this every year, and keep it up, it will be nice to have a romantic dinner."

As for Friday afternoon, management said they had about 40 reservations with room for more.

They say all the tips servers get will go to the Ronald McDonald House charities.

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