Courtnee Brantley found guilty, but judge delays ruling

After five-and-a-half hours of deliberation, jurors found Courtnee Brantley guilty of Misprision of a Felony.  However, the judge did not adjudicate her guilty.


When jurors first returned with the verdict, the judge asked them to deliberate again.  He wanted them to provide a more accurate explanation for how Brantley allegedly concealed evidence from authorities through emails and texts.


Instead, jurors returned with the same wording.  That's when the judge decided not to make a final ruling.


A local defense attorney tells ABC Action News the judge's decision is unusual, and there could be something about the verdict that troubles him.


Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor is pleased with the outcome. Chief Castor said,  "Certainly we're satisfied with the verdict rendered today. And we have stated all along, what Courtnee Brantley did that day was wrong. She was there when two of our officers were murdered in cold blood and she did nothing to assist them."


Investigators say Brantley was driving the car when Dontae Morris allegedly shot and killed Tampa officers Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis three years ago.


The verdict also gave comfort to their families. Chief Castor said,  "It's a relief for them to have some closure in this issue and certainly they're satisfied to have the guilty verdict."


During Brantley's first trial, jurors were unable to reach a verdict, so the judge declared a mistrial. 


This time, the judge has reserved his ruling on pending motions from Brantley's attorney. We do not know when the judge will make a final decision. Brantley could face up to three years behind bars. 

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