Couple offers up ice cream on social media blitz

TAMPA - The summer heat is beginning to arrive in the bay area and what better way to cool off  than some ice cream? Even more refreshing is when it’s free.
Jana Steele and Dan Bookmiller probably have the sweetest job on the planet.

"They’re usually cheering, dancing, skipping, full grown adults turn into children," said Steele.
The newly engaged couple is spending the next six months delivering smiles and their ride has some people doing some pretty crazy things.
"People chase the truck, don’t do that," said Steele.

It’s all part of #CoreTour, a social media blitz which has the couple dropping off sweet surprises to loyal Ben and Jerry's twitter followers for free all around the bay area.
"It’s very affective especially when they bring me ice cream," said Joylnn Brown, while enjoying her free scoop.
Even when the big green truck covered in Ben and Jerry’s decals breaks the rules; it somehow doesn't get the cold shoulder.
"Every time we park illegally and the cops walk up and we're afraid we're about to get a ticket, they're like what flavors do you have," said Bookmiller.
The couple will be in the Tampa Bay area for two more weeks visiting followers who want them to cruise by.
"It’s a good way to start off a Friday," said Pam Huff licking her spoon.

The Core Tour heads for tweeters in Washington D.C. next.

Jana and Dan say the cleverer your tweet, the more likely you'll get a tasty start to your day.
If you want Jana and Dan to stop by and see you, Tweet them at #CoreTour and ask for OMGfreeBen&Jerrys.

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