Saving big for your Super Bowl party

Don't let your pigskin party break the bank

TAMPA - Are you ready for some football?  With more than 110 million people estimated to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, there are bound to be plenty of Pigskin parties to attend.

Throwing one doesn't mean you have to throw money down the drain! 

We teamed up with "Don't Waste Your Money" reporter John Matarese to come up with some tips and tricks on how to save money, while throwing a great Super Bowl shindig!

"A lot of people don't normally go into warehouse stores, but if you can get into a Sam's or a Costco, this is the weekend to do it because you will save a lot of money there," says Matarese.  "Don't just buy those small bags that are going to cost you $3 to $4 per bag for some potato chips.  Look for the largest bag you can find, you're going to save money by doing that.

Matarese says you should also pay close attention to the positioning of the televisions in your home as it's important not to forget that party goers are there to actually see the game.

"People are there to watch the super bowl!  I think the most important thing is to have several main TV's set up.  Also want one in the kitchen, a little sunroom or study?  Stick a TV in there," says Matarese.

Speaking of TV's, the bigger the better! 

You don't have to necessarily go out and buy more though, you can always borrow a few smaller screens from family and friends.  You position those in key spots in the house and your party is an instant hit.

Now let's talk about the food-- often the most important part of the party is the grub.  Americans are paying an average of 15 to 20 percent more for chicken this year than last. 

That said, Matarese suggests the biggest savings tip he can give for your pigskin party is to ditch the chicken wing staple and go with a more cost effective way to feed the fans.

"If you're worried about the high price of chicken wings I would look at pork barbeque. You can get pork barbeque in bulk, either at the grocery store or at a barbeque take out and that stuff goes fast," says Matarese. 

"People love pork barbeque with the sauce, put it on a roll, much cheaper for the same volume, feeding the same number of people.

But what do you wash that pulled pork down with?  Well if you're thinking about serving beer, Matarese says your best bet is to think domestic over imported.

"If you're looking at brands for a party, look at Yuengling, Keystone, Rolling Rock, cheaper brands. People say the beer is just as good, if not better than some of the other brands."

And what's a party without dessert?  Matarese says it's a great idea to ask your guests to bring their own. 

Doing a potluck style dessert will save you money and will allow everyone to bring their favorite dish, so there will be plenty to go around!

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