Construction zones are biggest problem for holiday drivers on the road on the busiest travel day

90-percent of holiday travelers expected to drive

TAMPA - Patience is the name of the game on the day before Thanksgiving as an estimated 2 million Floridians will hit the roads this holiday.

It's considered the busiest travel day of the year. Whether by plane or by car, every traveler wants to get to their destination as soon and as stress free as possible.

At Tampa International Airport on Wednesday, the holiday hugs took place at just about every gate, but the  hustle and bustle seemed about average.

Some arrived extra early to avoid any issues.

"I just get nervous every time I travel because of the fact that there's going to be a lot of people," said Taylor Dillman. "That's why we got here at 11:30 for a five o'clock flight."

While the airports are busy, once again the interstates are even busier this holiday season.

AAA expects about 90-percent of holiday travelers will drive to their destination, like Steve and Darlene Lepido, who are heading to South Carolina.

"Well it should take eight-and-a-half hours, and if it ends up being 12, that will be expected," Steve said. "Why fight it?"

For those traveling Wednesday evening, the biggest tie-ups will be construction zones.

"Especially right now on I-275, you got some major construction going on.  Obviously, 275 will be an issue," said Sgt. Steve Gaskins with Florida Highway Patrol.

He recommends travelers keep the mindset that 'you'll get there when you get there.'  Last Thanksgiving, FHP reported 30 deadly accidents statewide.

"It's always kind of scary because people are always in a rush on the holidays and they don't pay attention," said Trish Garate, traveling with her daughter to Gainsville for a family reunion. "Knock on wood, so far we haven't had any problems. But I probably just jinxed myself."

FHP reminds the traveling public that troopers are out in full force this year to try and keep everyone safe.

Real-time traffic updates can be found right here at or on the FHP's crash web site at .

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