City, school system announce Hillsborough Avenue safety improvements

Money from red-light camera citations will be used to upgrade signs on eastern Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa where three students have been injured, one of them fatally, in a single month. The city will also re-time signals in the area.

"This is a start, and I will work with the Florida Department of Transportation to continue to look for opportunities to improve the Hillsborough Avenue corridor,” Mayor Bob Buckhorn said in a news release.

Buckhorn announced the plans Thursday, shortly after the Hillsborough County school system declared plans to provide shuttle bus service from the Meridian Park Apartments to Middleton High School at 4801 N. 22nd Street in Tampa. The area is near where the students were injured.
The city will extend the green light signals at seven intersections along Hillsborough Avenue to give pedestrians more time to cross the street safely. New signs on the road will remind left and right-turning vehicles to yield to pedestrians.

The improvements are expected to cost about $200,000 in money generated from red light camera fines.

The city is also working with Tampa Electric to install more streetlights along the corridor.
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