City of Tampa demands Flash Dancers strip club clean up its act

TAMPA - The City of Tampa is telling a nuisance Drew Park strip club they need to clean up their act or face heavy fines, even the risk of shutting down for good.

Tampa Police say Flashdancers near Tampa International has been a haven for crime for years, and say neighbors have been complaining about it as well.
The club owner, the property owners and their attorney went before a Public Nuisance Abatement hearing Tuesday morning.
Police say since 2008, Flashdancers has been home to prostitution, drug exchanges, numerous shootings, and is a known gang hangout.  They said even a murder happened there.
The city says they're requiring the strip club to, among other things, install a metal detector and surveillance cameras, not allow complete nudity from its dancers, and require its dancers to undergo routine HIV screenings.
"The problems that we've seen at this property over a number of years are no longer allowed. They were never allowed, but we're now stopping and ending it," said Tampa Assistant City Attorney Mike Schmid.
Flashdancers has until next Tuesday, December 11, to meet the guidelines or else they face fines of up to $250 a day they are not in compliance.
Their attorney says they will get done before the deadline passes.
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