Cities write dozens of water restriction tickets, warnings

30 tickets written in Pinellas last weekend alone

TAMPA - If you turn on your sprinklers in the tri-county area, in most places you can only water one day a week.

"Our neighborhood president sent us the notices, because anybody on email gets it so we were aware of it the day we went into place," said homeowner Loretta Fazio.

Fazio has the luxury of watering whenever.  The Tampa homeowner has reclaimed water.  Monday she was fixing a broken sprinkler head so she doesn't waste.

"Well the idea is to plant things that don't take a lot of maintenance.  There's no such thing as maintenance-free.  I mean, everybody's got to do a little bit of work," she said.

If you don't have reclaimed water, you better watch out.

Cities are on patrol looking for violators. We followed one of those workers through South Tampa.

"If you are caught watering on the wrong day and you haven't transitioned yet, you will receive a warning.  But starting June 18, you will receive a citation," said Tampa City Water Director Brad Baird.

Baird says Tampa has ticketed 14 homeowners since May 20. The city has also given 111 warnings, giving homeowners one month to adjust.

Pinellas County isn't.  They have written 288 tickets, including 30 citations last weekend alone.

Fazio doesn't have to follow the rules but does anyway.

"They ask you to observe before 9:00, after 6:00, because otherwise it's wasted water," she said.

And if you're caught wasting water, soon you'll be paying for it.

To find out more about the water restrictions, click the links below.

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