Motorcycle thieves caught on camera riding off on stole bike in Channelside

Police believe thefts are related

TAMPA - Two motorcycles were stolen just hours apart in Channelside.

Video surveillance captured the thefts and now police need the your help tracking them down. 

"It seemed like a safe place, but I'm kind of second guessing that now," said Artis Williams. 

Williams and Tony Vickery said late last week both of their motorcycles were stolen out of their apartment building's parking garage. 


Tampa detectives said the thefts happened at Bell Channelside and The Place at Channelside Apartments. 


Surveillance video from one of the buildings shows two men wearing helmets actually ride out of the garage on the stolen bikes. 


Investigators said most riders secure their bikes by locking the steering column. However, they said the suspects were able to bypass that security feature and the ignition lock.


"I was upset at the fact somebody stole it," said Williams. "It's double whammy though, I got it stolen, and I didn't have insurance."


Both buildings have gates which limit access to residents only, however in this case, they had little affect in stopping the thieves. 


"I just didn't expect the bike to get taken from a place like this, there's surveillance, and it's a high security area," said Vickery


"The theft of motorcycles and theft of parts off another motorcycle just makes me a little more concerned about my safety now," said Williams.


"When this is supposed to be a secure place. It's supposed to be safe for your residents and I don't know if it is anymore."


Bell Channelside released this statement: 
"We are unfortunately experiencing the effects of a city-wide spate of bicycle and motorcycle thefts and vehicle break-ins.  In an effort to respond to this situation, Bell is fully cooperating with the local authorities and has provided them with video surveillance tapes.  We have also issued a community-wide notification to our residents, alerting them to the current situation and encouraging them to be mindful of any unusual occurrences.  Our community management has also increased its vigilance, and we have urged residents to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately."


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