Casey Anthony disappeared after release from jail

Private jet registered to defense attorney

TAMPA - A private plane took off from Orlando Executive Airport just after 3am Sunday.

The plane, which was registered to one of Casey Anthony's attorneys, may have been a decoy. If Anthony was aboard, the plane routed her through the Panhandle, then Texas and landed in Prescott, Arizona according to ABC News.

Her parents' attorney only says they got a text their daughter was safe after she walked out of jail flanked by SWAT team members.

And her attorneys still aren't revealing where she is.

Wherever Anthony lights, her past will follow her. Experts say a significant commitment to mental health treatment could help her overcome feelings of social isolation, difficulty coping with emotions and the pitfalls of alcohol and drug abuse.

With the harrowing journey that Casey just experienced, it's gonna take her at least six-months to a year of counseling with trauma focus, cognitive behavioral therapy, it's just one of many techniques that can be used," said Dr. Leslie Kille with Tampa Bay's Crisis Center.

As for three civil lawsuits, including one filed by Texas Equusearch the non-profit that mounted two large-scale searches for Caylee, high-profile attorney Joe Episcopo doubts they'll get a dime.

"I think she could just default on the lawsuits. Let them have their judgment, just refuse to participate. I quit. I don't want to fight your case anymore… and let them get their judgments and see if they can collect them," explains Episcopo.

Episcopo says Anthony could set-up a third party trust to insulate any money she may earn in the future.

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