Buses, car rentals scarce as stranded air travelers look for alternate transportation

Greyhound, rental car companies see increases

TAMPA - Old Man Winter may be loosening his grip just a bit in the Northeast, but it's not enough to ease the headaches of thousands of air travelers who have been stuck at airports across the country.

Many of them have been stranded at Tampa International since Friday. 

As the backlog continues to wreak havoc on those trying to get outbound flights from Tampa, many travelers are turning to alternate forms of transportation to get to their destinations. 

But now, reports from Greyhound bus terminals are even unfavorable.  Routes from Tampa into Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; trips into New York and elsewhere have been canceled for the time being, citing road conditions.

Rental car companies say they have been seeing a big spike in one-way rentals.  Meaning people are taking matters into their own hands.  Many leaving the airport, taking to the roads, desperate to get home.  Rental agents continue to warn motorists their cars are not equipped to handle extreme weather conditions.

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