Brothers meet for first time after 70 years

Union made possible through

TAMPA - It was a meeting decades in the making.

David Beyer, Noel Thompson and Donald Thompson got the chance of a lifetime, meeting for the very first time.

David, 75, from Fort Meyers, Florida.  Noel, 70, is from Michigan.  Then there's big brother Donald, 92, currently living in Arizona.

Friday was the day that David, Donald, and Noel's lives' changed forever.  The three telling us the meeting was almost overwhelming, as each of them still feel like complete strangers.

"We don't know each other," says David with a laugh.  "We might as well just talk to someone we have never met before!"

David was adopted very young and when he grew up, he knew his mother had another son, but he didn't know much more outside of that.  That is until his daughter found an even bigger surprise for her dad as she searched  She realized her dad didn't just have one brother, but two!  A half brother, Donald.

"There's just a bond there," says Donald.  "It's just unbelievable to have that much spread that there would be that kind of a bond."

The trio amazingly picking up where they technically, never left off.

"I guess it's like a person having an empty spot in their life and not realizing what it is," says youngest brother Noel.  "But you still know there's something."

And now, thanks to years of wondering, searching and a lot of help from the internet, these brothers will not only share a bond, but a memory that has changed their families forever.

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