Bollywood's economic impact on Tampa uncertain

The bright lights of Bollywood have faded from Tampa, but Visit Tampa Bay says the four-day event was a success.
Some businesses, however, did not see the economic boost they were hoping for. Others are planning for future events as a result.
"What we're looking for is the long-term impact, the exposure to the destination," Chris Adkins said.
Adkins works for Marriott in downtown.
Major hotels in downtown didn't have a problem filling rooms last week. 
Adkins said this time of year they generally don't because it is still peak season for tourism.
What Bollywood brought that a normal tourist season doesn't is new business for the future. Monday morning, two doctors attending the Bollywood awards told him they're looking to book a city-wide event in 2015.
Visit Tampa Bay is working to break down the numbers to find exactly how much Bollywood brought to the city, but some business already know.
"We got no extra business from it whatsoever. It was really not what we anticipated," said Rick Drury.
Drury owns Precinct Pizza in Channelside.
"We definitely staffed up a little bit. We did heavier scheduling. We actually notified all the hotels we would be open later than usual for the anticipated extra sales but nothing came to fruition from it," said Drury.
He said they even drew up a special menu but the calls and customers never came.
Other restaurants like Hattricks Tavern had more success.
"It was as good as we could have expected. When they had in-between times, we had folks coming through, just kind of congregating and hanging around you know and patronizing us," David Mangione said.
The final numbers on the economic impact to the city won't be available for a few weeks.
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