Blake High School 15-year-old to graduate with seniors in two weeks.

Florida Online School helped his fast track.

TAMPA, Fla. - As he walks across the campus at Blake High School in Tampa, Ahmed Mohamed looks like your average student that's eager for the school year to end.  But Ahmed walks a path that few others have traveled.

"At the age of a freshman going into sophomore year, I'm going to be graduating," he said.

That's right, the 15-year-old Ahmed attends the Fine Arts Magnet program at Blake and will be graduating high school in two weeks.

"The coursework has been rigorous and you do have to do a lot of homework.  And I have taken online courses in order to achieve this," Ahmed recalled.

Ahmed completed the first and second grade in one school year.  And in the seventh grade, Ahmed set a goal for himself to graduate early from high school.

With the help of guidance counselors, teachers, his parents and the online Florida Virtual School,  Ahmed has reached his goal.

"And still maintained my extracurricular activities and my social life," he said.

Able to play the piano and percussion, this is a young man that's been playing multiple sports; and yet still found the time to become an Eagle Scout. So how did he manage it all?

"I  allot time for study and then I allot time for my friends and for my social life. And so, when you separate the variables, it becomes a lot simpler to achieve," Ahmed said of his ability to mange his time.
When he goes to USF to attend classes as a freshman this fall, Ahmed won't even be able to drive himself to campus.

"For the first two months, I am going to be dropped off by my mother at college; until I get my own license and my own car," Ahmed laughed.

Ahmed is enrolled in USF's seven-year medical program.  He might not know what the future holds, but he's quite certain of his direction.

"If you ever expect that you've reached a peak or that you're going to plateau at a certain level, that's not true.  You're either going to decline or advance; so always keep advancing in life and always keep reaching for higher goals," remarked Ahmed.

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