Black Friday footnote: Not-so-secret lotion stirs things up at Tampa mall

The power of pink

TAMPA, Fla. - Black Friday proved chaotic in some odd places this year, like Victoria's Secret, where a Kansas mob screamed and elbowed each other over lingerie deals.

The scene at the Victoria's Secret at the Citrus Park Mall proved tense as well.

"This year, we had people pushing each other," said employee Jassel Custodio. "The employees could barely get inside the store."

Custodio held up the item Tampa shoppers came for: a pink tote bag with free lotion and perfume inside. She didn't seem surprised by the power a few toiletries had over crowds.

"It's amazing," she said. "You wouldn't want to use any other lotion."

Better behaved crowds pushed into Best Buy at midnight. Target opened even earlier at 9pm.

"I don't even know what time it is now," Victoria Lopez laughed.

Citrus Park Mall opened at midnight for the first time this year, where an estimated 5,000 shoppers grazed stores before the sun rose.

"Not knowing what to expect, it far exceeded my expectations and a lot of retailers I've spoken to as well," said General Manager Dave Hibberd.

Lines for coffee also grew exponentially, some shoppers waiting 30 minutes at Stabucks.

"The people in line weren't too happy about waiting," said Laura Goering while sipping a latte.

Restaurants also drew in record crowds.

"Took us a while to get in here, where normally on a Friday, we'd get right in," said Zach Wells, eating at Red Robin. "We had to wait about 30 minutes to get in today."

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