Bill Logan goes back to school for Great American Teach-In

TAMPA - It was all about me "keeping my promise: to the 5th graders at Pride Elementary... 

The combined classes of Ms. Simpson and Gonzalez getting some hands-on, up-close-and-personal time with our electronic news gathering tools... Here, we see evidence of the camera making its rounds.

I also was able to visit with the 4th grade classes of  Ms Gill and Cogan.  Again, letting them know about how we collect and put together our news items.   A really nice bunch out there -- they even fed me lunch!

Then a change in venue to South Tampa and Coleman Middle School where Mrs. Cooks class got a message on keeping up to date on current events, and yes, they got to play with the camera too.

Teach in day 2012... A good day indeed.

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