Bay area Girl Scouts inspired to revamp cancer center kitchen

Honoring a lost Girl Scout

Girl Scout Lauren Demmi fondly remembers her friend, Javanna,  who lost her battle with cancer two years ago.
“She was a great person, very funny, and I miss her and wish she was here to be with us right now,” Lauren said.  
Demmi and her Troop 1001 sister, Stephanie Albero, just finished renovating the kitchen area at the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa.
The project earned them the  Silver Award, a high honor within the Girl Scouts.
The girls painted, added a new sink, cabinets, wall decorations and framed a picture of Javanna to hang above their project. 
“The transformation is amazing,” CEO Patty O’Leary said. She explained that before the renovation, the kitchen had to be closed off to a sitting room for patients and their parents. The rooms are now connected. 
“It’s clean. It’s bright, and that’s what they need is things to uplift them,” O’Leary said. 
“When they’re here, they feel like they have a nice place to be and their troubles can go away,” Albero said.  
“I’m glad I did this for the Children’s Cancer Center because I love this place. It means a lot to me, and it means a lot to Javanna,” said Demmi.
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