Battle being waged on Davis Island over a mansion that neighbors say should be torn down

TAMPA BAY - From the outside, it is a unique piece of architecture that sits on Severn Ave. looking out over the airfield and Tampa Bay on Davis Island.

But for some neighbors, it's a piece that just does not fit in anymore.

"For the last several years, it has just been rotting and decaying," said Bill Newman, who lives across the street.

Newman said he has watched the empty mansion fall apart. From the outside, you can see where the eaves are rotting away and the stucco is breaking off.

You can even see through a window where someone has gained access and painted at least one wall with graffiti.

"It's a shame that they let something that was one time a beautiful home come to this deterioration," he said.

Now, the city is looking at leveling the home.  But owner, Mary Perez, doesn't want that.

I spoke to Mary on the phone.  She said this issue went from receiving an insect warning about "bees," to all of a sudden being told the house was condemned.

An attorney associated with the family told me, they want to ensure area residents they will do everything they can to make sure this home is safe and secure, property and structure.

This will all come to a head Wednesday morning at 9 a.m at city hall.  That's when code enforcement will hold a hearing.

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