Bachelor Pad 3 winner Nick Peterson visits ABC Action News

TAMPA - Whether you love him or hate him - Tampa's Nick Peterson walked away from this season of Bachelor Pad with the $250,000 prize.

In fact, he's the first contestant in the television show's history to win the whole pot, as previous contestants have elected to split the money.

While most of Nick's cast mates made numerous comments that he didn't "deserve" to be in the finals - they may all be eating their words now.

Arguably, Nick really did fly under the radar for most of the season and did not appear to be embroiled in much of the drama.

Fellow finalist Chris Bukowski wasn't so lucky - he and partner Sarah Newlon garnered few of the final cast votes - with Peterson and partner Rachel Truehart left as the final two standing.

The way the game works: the last couple enters separate deliberation rooms and each person must choose to either "share" or "keep" the money.

If both people choose share, they split the money.  If they both choose keep, neither gets the prize and it is split evenly among the remaining cast members.

If one person chooses share and the other chooses keep, then the person who chooses to keep the money gets the entire prize.

During the finale that aired Monday night, Rachel chose to share the money, but Nick opted to keep it all - which he did.  Nick made a speech about how everyone underestimated him as a contestant, and he initially planned to share the money, until he watched episodes that gave him the impression that Rachel didn't want to be his partner and kept wanting to leave the show altogether.

While the stunning decision sparked applause from the audience and most of the Bachelor Pad cast - Rachel appeared extremely upset about Nick's move.

After a heated exchange between the two on set, she was seen following Nick as he exited the building into a waiting car, and continuing to confront him over taking all of the money.

Saturday night, Nick is hosting a celebration party at VUE 19, located at 200 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg starting at 10 p.m.  It's a public event listed on Facebook .

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