Attorney for Julie Powers Schenecker says dad Parker holds some blame in the murder of his children

TAMPA - Police say Julie Schenecker shot her kids to death in their New Tampa home earlier this year.  Monday, her attorney said she is not the only one to blame for the killings.

In defense of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the children's father, Julie Schenecker's attorney says her husband, Parker knew she was unstable, and put his kids in danger by leaving them alone with her.

The defense says, in part, that by leaving the children alone with Julie, Parker Schenecker created "a foreseeable zone of risk of harm to his children ..."

Included in the response to the suit is a strongly-worded email about Julie Schenecker and her alleged instability, written by Parker before the children were killed.

To read the entire motion, including the email, click on Julie Powers Schenecker's Answer and Affirmative Defenses to Complaint .

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