Armed suspect on the run after early morning robbery at Taco Bell

TAMPA - Tampa police are looking for a man who allegedly robbed a local Taco Bell on North 50th Street.

Around 7:45 a.m. a man approached some employees who were taking the garbage out from the back door.

The man, armed with a gun, demanded the employees tell him where the safe was located. He took all of their cell phone so that they were not able to call for help.

After the man robbed the store be forced all of the employees into the freezer and ran.

The suspect is described as a man around 33-35 years old, 6 feet tall and between 170-190 pounds. He was wearing a baggy blue T-shirt, dark blue jeans, boots and a white skully cap with a gray tank-top around his face.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Tampa police.


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