A new way of advertising in the Bay area promises to take your message to new heights

First of its kind in the country

TAMPA - A new way for people and advertisers to get their message across is taking flight in the Bay area.

A new company is using a parasail boat to tow billboard banners.

Sitting in traffic is a daily routine for drivers crossing the Howard Frankland. Now someone is trying to make money off that.

"It's very memorable.  It's very unique and it's in a unique area," Barry White said.

For the first time a company is towing a 900-square-foot billboard behind a parasail.


"I think we are an uncluttered form of advertising in a very cluttered world," White said.


White and a friend started Beach 2 Bay Aerial Billboard Advertising while working together on a parasail boat. They started around bay area beaches before branching out.


"Then we said, 'Well there's nothing on the bridge, nobody's advertising on the bridge at this point so lets see what happens, see if we can do that,'" White said.


After finding out there's no laws against it, "Everyone pretty much told us we are good to go," White said.


A few months ago they began flying.


"We thought it was a very unique way to gain exposure to thousands of people," Shawn Rae, owner of The Water and Fire Restoration Company said.


With the positive, comes the negative.


Some people have complained the advertising distracts drivers.

"We're no different than say an LED lit billboard on the side of the road flashing advertisements 24-hours a day, a free standing billboard or even your cell phone," White said.


Either way, White says he's happy putting a new spin on an old way of advertising. 

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