90-year-old man returns home after disappearing for three days

A family's desperate search for a loved one with dementia came to a happy ending.
Our cameras were the only ones to capture the heart felt reunion Tuesday.
Ninety-year-old Mose Powell Jr., missing for three days, finally arrived home.
“About time you get back home grandpa,” one family member said as he embraced Powell.
The look on the relatives’ faces said it all as Powell approached the home after exiting a police cruiser.
"When we saw him coming out of that car it’s like a huge weight being lifted," said Powell’s daughter Philipa Robertson.
This family is lucky. Local Alzheimer’s Disease experts say 60 percent of dementia patients wander from home. If not found within 24 hours, they face a high likelihood of injury or death.
Powell disappeared Sunday. 
Powell was spotted in an alley next to a school about 2 1/2 miles from his home.
"I just went over and asked him what he needed, what was he doing,” said Tonya Moultrie, the woman who found Powell. “He was picking up trash and he said he was hot and he was tired."
She said she had no idea who he was until a woman walked up holding a picture of Powell.
"She said he's the person that’s missing," said Moultrie.  
Fortunately for Powell, all he needed was a little food and water and a warm welcome home. 
"I feel so good to know we found him," said his neighbor and friend Samuel Blair. "I'm just amazed. Thank god I can rest now."
Tampa Police Department is still looking into where Powell disappeared.
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