4,000 flights canceled nationwide due storm in NE

TAMPA - The green departure screens at Tampa International Airport left passengers feeling blue over all the delays and cancelations.

"It would be great to get home," said Carson Ross who was trying to get back to her dog in Hartford, Connecticut, Friday morning.

As a storm began blanketing the Northeast with snow, more and more delayed flights turned into canceled flights.  Four thousand flights were grounded nationwide and another 1,000 were canceled for Saturday, stranding passengers.

Ken Borisko and his wife Kathy were dropped off at the airport at 2 p.m. to make their 4 o'clock flight to Toronto.  They were delayed until 6 p.m.  But, the time to board never came.  Their flight was canceled.

"What do we do now?" asked Kathy while emailing her travel agent on her iPad.

Passengers heading to Boston, Connecticut and New York fared the same. Forecasters are expecting one to three feet of snow to fall in these areas and think this could be a blizzard for the history books.

Many tried to change their flights.

Frank Provenzano took off for the ticket counter when his flight to Toronto was canceled.  Only, he was too late.

"First available flights are Sunday night out of here," said Provenzano. 

Airlines have been trying to ease frustrations for travelers by waiving change of flight fees.

This weekend Tampa will serve as the temporary home for many trying to get to the Northeast leaving many scrambling to find a hotel room.

The airport's hotel was completely booked by 5 p.m.

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