2 unemployed grads take unconventional approach to job search

USF grads say they won't be denied

TAMPA - It's an unconventional approach to a job search.  Two University of South Florida grads say job fairs and online resume posts have gotten them nothing but wasted time and no money, so they have changed the game. 

Damian Romero, Finance major, and Jarod R. Fluck, Marketing major, have been searching for jobs like many recent graduates and they have decided to take their search to the streets, literally.

The two walk the corner at Kennedy Blvd. and Westshore Blvd., holding signs, requesting people to roll their windows down and take their resumes.

"You can't do what everybody else is doing because its's hard to get ahead," says Romero.

Romero says it's about getting that much needed face time so many want.

"You can tell a lot about a person by looking at them," says Romero.  "How he dresses, how he talks, how he handles himself."

He says he and Fluck have both handed out at least two dozen resumes, gotten some call backs and even had some impromptu interviews in gas station parking lots due to their efforts on the streets.

They both say it's about setting themselves apart from everyone else.

For more information on the two or if you like their story and have a job opportunity, you can find them at the following:

Damian Romero: DamianRomero@mail.usf.edu

Jarod R. Fluck: JRFluck@email.com

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