Victims identified in deadly hit-and-run crash, search for suspect continues

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - UPDATE:  St. Petersburg Police say Grace Collier, 25, has died from the injuries she received as a result of Thursday's crash.  More information coming soon.

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Two people were killed and a third badly injured in a hit-and-run crash in St. Petersburg early Thursday morning.  

On Friday, St. Petersburg police confirmed to Action News they have identified a suspect, but have not released a name.

The crash occurred shortly before 3 a.m. at the intersection of 9th Avenue South and 16th Street.

Biana Campbell, 23, Jamesia Lang, 21, were killed.
Grace Collier, 25, is in the hospital with burns to her lower body.  On Friday, Collier's family decided to take her off life support. 
"It sounded like and explosion. It was bad," said Jeremiah Cobbs.
Cobbs said he was one of several people who rushed to the scene after hearing the collision.
"I've never seen anything like it in my life," said witness Johnathan Dello
Witnesses say when they ran to the scene, three women in the Saturn were unconscious.
"Everybody was screaming, 'Get the girl out of the car. Get the girl out of the car,'" said a man who identified himself as "Ellis."
The impact caused the gas tank to rupture and the car to catch fire.
The flames made if difficult to reach the trapped passengers, but witnesses said someone passing by stopped and ran to the burning car. 
"The flames were just too high for us to get near, but somebody was brave enough to run to the fire.  By the grace of God, they just grabbed her and pulled her out of the car," said Ellis.
No one was able to help the two others trapped inside.
"It's something that I'm going to think about for a while. It was sad. It was really sad," Ellis said.
The driver of the Chrysler who hit them took off.
Police say the car was seen leaving a night club not far from the accident scene, prior to the crash.
Dello said he hopes the accident plays on their conscience.  He doesn't understand how anyone could run away after an accident.
"Their day of reckoning is coming because there was no need for it.  There was no need for that to happen," Dello said.
None of the witnesses we spoke to knew the man who pulled the one victim from the car.
Police have not found the person driving the other car.
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