Two dogs attack girl, 4, in family home, then turn on the father

Both dogs are euthanized

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A 4-year old girl was attacked and bit in the face by two dogs that were in the house as family pets.  The young girl was in a bedroom of the family home at 3028 Yale St. N. in St. Petersburg when two full grown pit bull mix dogs attacked her.  

The female dog, Kiera, and the younger male dog, Coda, then attacked the little girl's father, John Faucette when he picked up his daughter.

Carrying his injured girl and being attacked by his dogs, Faucette managed to get into a bathroom inside the home.  He was then able to get out of the house using a paint easel to fend off the dogs.  

St. Petersburg Police and Pinellas County Animal Control officers were able to eventually capture the aggressive dogs inside the home.

"He had been attacked by these dogs.  He had to fend them off just to get his family to escape.  So he was pretty upset at the time and he asked the officers just to shoot the dogs," said Mike Puetz of the St. Petersburg Police Department.

The two dogs, which had lived with the family since they were puppies, were taken to Animal Control and held overnight.

"They were very aggressive this morning.  Both of them were charging the front of the cage.  As the animal care assistants were trying to feed and water them, they were putting the staff here at risk," explained John Hohenstern with Pinellas County Animal Control.

The dogs that attacked the young girl were humanely euthanized Friday morning and they will be sent to a lab for testing in an effort to determine a cause for the attack.

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