The Firestone Grand Prix is over, almost. Tearing down the track will take two weeks

With the Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg over, the only thing coming in “hot” at “turn 10” is the trolley.

Streets remain closed the day after. According to race organizers, constructing the track took 33 days and taking it apart will take two weeks.
"It's miles of material that we have to dismantle," Grand Prix President Tim Ramsberger said. The track comprises 20,000 feet of concrete barrier, 44,000 feet of chain link fence and 12,000 tires. And it all has to go.

There are several challenges. Organizers have to put it away in the reverse order of how they constructed it – the last thing they store away will be the first thing they pull out next year. And there’s only so many trucks that can fit into the city storage yard.
“That literally is the choke point in terms of the process here,” Ramsberger said.

Albert Whitted Airport runway should be cleared by Thursday.

First Street South should be opened in the next 48 hours.

Bayshore Drive will reopen April 11.
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