Teenage girl speaks out after she says she was nearly abducted

A 13-year-old girl is speaking out after she says she was attacked and almost abducted while walking from a bus stop Tuesday afternoon.  It happened on the 600 block of 31st Street South, in St. Petersburg.


Jazmine Burney says she doesn't know what she would have done, if it weren't for the help of a good Samaritan, who she says happened to be getting off a bus when the man attacked her. Burney said, "I thank God because if that man wouldn't have been there, I probably would have been dead somewhere."


Jazmine says she doesn't know his name and barely remembers his face. But, she does believe he saved her life.


She says she was walking home from her bus stop, when she saw two men sitting on the porch of a vacant home. Burney said, "They was asking me 'come here,' and I was not going." 

Ignoring the comments, Jazmine says she continued walking and that's when one of the men attacked her. Burney said, "One of them pulled me by my hair and was dragging me into the alley and when I started hitting him, he just started hitting me in my face, talking about 'you're not going to reject me."


But, she did, long enough for help to arrive.


Jazmine ran home with a black eye, sore face and skinned-up knees. Jazmine's grandmother, Rosa Pringley, urges kids to tell their parents about suspicious people. Pringley said,  "Let their parents know and let someone know. 'Say father or mother, when I was coming home today, these men was riding, these young men was bothering with me.' So they can make a different decision about how they're going back and forth to school."


Jazmine's mother says her daughter will never walk home from the bus stop alone and wants other kids to follow her lead.


To that man who she doesn't know and barely remembers his face, she has one message. Burney said, "Thank you. Thank you very much. I really do thank you."


St. Petersburg Police are looking for three men. The man who grabbed Jazmine, the other sitting on the porch and the man who saved her. If you know who they are, you're asked to call St. Petersburg Police.

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