Teen with loaded gun arrested at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG - Two St. Petersburg students were arrested at Gibbs High School after officials found the teens in possession of a gun and marijuana Tuesday morning.

A school resource officer was checking the concession stand at the school, located on 850 35th St. S,  when he found evidence of a break-in about 7:00 a.m.

When he investigated further, he found 16-year-old student Joshua Lajuan Register and 17-year-old student Marquelle Dryman inside the concession stand smoking marijuana.  

Both students were taken into custody, and when  Register's backpack was searched,  a loaded .25 caliber semiautomatic handgun was found inside.

Register will be charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds, carrying a concealed firearm, armed commercial burglary, possession of marijuana and violation of probation.

Register was on school suspension and already have several prior arrests:

- Possession of marijuana with intent to sell in Feb.

-  Assault on a school board employee in Sept. of 2012

- Battery on a law enforcement officer and possession of marijuana in June of 2012

- Burglary in March of 2012

Dryman will be charged with armed commercial burglary, possession of marijuana and trespassing on school grounds. 

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