Summertime challenges local pet rescues with space, donations

Local pet rescues swamped with dumped dogs

GiGi, Chance and Lil Bit are three lucky dogs.
"Everybody wants a tiny puppy, but nobody wants to adopt the old dogs,” said Jaime McKnight, president and founder of Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue .
The three Chihuahuas were dumped and neglected. They are seniors with expensive medical issues but are on the road to being healthier.
They are now in the kind hands of McKnight and the Partridge Animal Hospital and have a real chance at finding homes.
"I work a fulltime corporate job. I'm a fulltime pet sitter, which I've been for 12 years, and then I work here on the weekends to help pay for the vet bills,” McKnight said.
Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue, a  nonprofit dog rescue, is challenged like many Tampa Bay area rescues are during the summer.
"It's difficult with summer because a lot of people are traveling. They're moving. So that's when you have a lot of dogs being dumped,” said McKnight.            
Hillsborough County’s Pet Services director said his facility is overwhelmed too.
"We're really in a tough situation at this time of year,” Scott Trebatoski said.
But the facilities are also finding out many of their rescue partners are stretched thin as well.
"We just don't have the room or the funds,” said McKnight.
PPPR saved 36 lives so far this year but, right now, donations are hard to come by. Meanwhile, more and more dogs are surrendered every day.  
"There's 6 Chihuahuas that just got dumped at a local shelter, and I wasn't able to help,” said McKnight.
GiGi, Chance and Lil Bit need homes.
But McKnight said what’s even more challenging is making room for other tiny souls who are still in shelters and on the kill list.
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