Students take the day off Ferris Bueller style -- with school permission

Homage to 80's movie complete with ballpark visit

ST. PETERSBURG - Can you believe its been 25 years since Ferris Bueller took his famous day off?

When he and Sloan and Cameron ditched class and gave us all a little off campus caper to remember:

Before his sister met up with Charlie Sheen...

Before she won "Dancing with the Stars" and Charlie went to "winning..."

Remember? Has it really been 25 years?

Well, anyway, in honor of that spirit, these eighth-graders from Mr. Smith's class at LLT Academy in Tampa took in the Rays game Thursday afternoon.

"We got together we came to school," said Mr. Smith, replaying the Bueller agenda in his mind as he explained the decision to take this unorthodox day off.

"We decided to leave school and we went to a museum, saw some really nice pieces of art and now  we're at a ball game relaxing," he continued.

Then, almost as an afterthought, he curled the corner of his lips into a smile as he calmly explained, "We're not gonna steal a Ferrari, but that's about it."

And that, as you might guess is a relief to the chaperons -- and there were plenty. Not just for this gathering, but seemingly dozens of other school-aged groups who seemed to be taking a cue from Ferris and taking the day off.

Raymond, the Rays mascot, saw to it that there was a little something to remember the experience by, but of course, the guys seemed more attentive to his entourage of lovely young ladies.

But they all knew how to act, when they got that Jumbo-tron moment.

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