Stepson of murder suspect calls him a 'monster'

William Bolling accused of shooting his wife

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Vicki Bolling was a loving grandmother, a loving mother and her son says she was also a loving wife.

"Wonderful, caring, she's the only person in the world who could love a monster like him," said the victim's son, John Stevenson.

Despite a family who tried to protect her, Stevenson says his mom endured nearly 30 years of marriage shattered by domestic violence.

"I warned her for 30 years that this was going to happen.  He used to taunt me with it, say things like 'I'll never go without her,'" said Stevenson.

"Apparently, according to the neighbors, they'd been begging her for two days to come over and hide the key to the gun cabinet, so something was going on," he said.

Police say yesterday 70-year-old William Bollinger took a .38 revolver and turned it on his wife in the yard of their northeast St. Pete home.  Neighbors and landscaper Ted Scarpino were watching.

"Came around the corner over here and she collapsed on the side and that's when we ran inside the house, called 911 and her husband came out next to her with a gun," said Scarpino.

Wednesday, Bolling sat in a wheelchair during his first appearance before a judge.

"Good afternoon Mr. Bolling. You're charged with murder in the first degree," she said.

He asked a Pinellas County judge for a public defender. His stepson told him through closed circuit TV he hopes he suffers like his mom did -- a mom, a grandmother and a wife who died overnight.
"When she said ‘I do' it was a vow to God and it was for better, for worse and her luck of the draw was for worse," said Stevenson.

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