St. Pete wooing secret company that could bring hundreds of jobs with $46K or higher salaries

ST. PETE, Fla. - Secret negotiations are underway this week to bring a new business to St. Petersburg that could create hundreds of new high paying jobs.

Despite all the new construction in St. Petersburg and all the effort to attract new business, there are still 38,000 people in Pinellas County who want jobs, but can't find one. And that's not good enough for mayor bill foster.

"It's probably the biggest thing going in this administration as far as a desire to create jobs," St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster said.

So the city and state are in private negotiations to bring a financial services company to St. Pete.

The company would create 350 jobs that pay at least $46,000 a year.     

"When you look at this type of industry and the jobs that it will create, and the wages that ah these folks will earn, it's just a great shot in the arm for the city of St. Petersburg," Foster said.  

The state, city and county are offering $1 million in tax incentives to attract the secret company.

The St. Pete City Council is set to talk about spending tax dollars to attract the business this week.

Students at USF's St. Pete campus are already talking about it.

"Any student will tell you getting into the job market is ah you know difficult. So any anything the city can do to help, we definitely appreciate it. You like this idea? Yeah.," Erik Lambel said.

"Jobs is the biggest indicator of economic vitality and growth of a city. If you're not creating jobs, and growing, you're dying," Mayor Foster said.

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