St. Pete city council to vote on skateboarding downtown

Ordinance has banned skateboarding since 1980s

ST. PETERBURG, Fla. - A ban on skateboarding in a section of St. Petersburg may soon meet its end.

City Councilman Karl Nurse expects the ban to be eliminated after a council vote on Thursday.

"Sometimes, our job is just to get out of the way," Nurse said.

The area delineated in the ban spans from Fifth Avenue North to Fifth Avenue South, and from 16th Street to the downtown waterfront. Nurse said that the ordinance has been on the books since the 1980s.

Not everyone is in favor of changing the law. Diane Fendley works near downtown and believes skateboarders do not do the best job of looking out for others in the right of way.

"These are very narrow streets down here, and it's hard for them to maneuver with the folks that are walking," Fendley said.

Local Longboard Company, a shop selling skateboards and longboards, sits right on Central Avenue within the skateboard-ban zone. Owner Travis Hise hopes to be at city council meeting for the vote on Thursday. He thinks the ordinance should go.

"I think it's a tad bit ridiculous," Hise said.

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