Some St. Pete parents left scrambling to find a new school for their kids

Construction delays prompt charter school changes


Daisy Quinn is a mother of four boys preparing to go back to school on Monday, but an unexpected email last week has her feeling like she's wasted some money. "I've already spent so much money on the supplies, on the specific school shirts and uniforms that this one school needs,' Quinn said. 'Now I'm going to have to buy more supplies, different clothing for the kids."


All because the school her 12-year-old twins are to attend Monday morning sits unfinished. "Very disappointing, because you're all ready," Quinn said.


Quinn's sons, Blake and William, were set to start the sixth grade at Windsor Preparatory Academy. Then a startling email on Wednesday. Quinn says school officials said they had to move students to a temporary location because of construction delays. Officials decided to hold a lottery because of the lack of space at the temporary location.


Quinn's boys weren't chose.  "I"m mad because I can't go to the school and I really wanted to go to it. I've been waiting all year so I can get in and now I can't go in," Blake said.


Their mom had only four days to find another option and for her that didn't include public schools.  'I'm not comfortable with the schooling that they're offering," Quinn said.


Quinn went with Virtual Florida, on online, home-schooling program. But because it was so last minute she worries it will set her boys back. "It takes them about a week and a half to two weeks to evaluate all the paperwork you have to fax to them," Quinn said. "If there's any books that need to go to the children they have to then mail them."


The twins aren't happy either.  "I wanted to be the greatest kid in class and the smartest but now I have to be at home, I can't show my smarts off," Blake said.


Upsetting Quinn even more. But what's more upsetting is the lack of answers. "The principal was no where to be found to give any kind of explanation," Quinn said.


We did try reaching out to school officials but they still have not spoken to us. As far as when construction will be complete at Windsor Prep, that's still yet to be determined. 



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