Shoppers in line for Black Friday 12 days early

It's not an 'Occupy Best Buy' tent. Just some bargain hunters wanting to occupy the first place in line for the Black Friday doorbusters.
"We've got our master window here.  We got our side view," quipped the man inside the tent.
Tito Hernandez and Christine Orta are camping in front of the Tyrone Square Best Buy in St. Pete.  "We got here on Monday, Monday night and we set up tent and our game plan is to stay here til about Thursday, Thursday afternoon," said Hernandez.
Jade Esparza, the General Manager of Best Buy at Tyrone is happy to see the tent.
"It's great.  We think it's fantastic, and we welcome everyone to come out," said Esparza.
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Spending extended periods of time in a tent surrounded by concrete can be challenging.  "Well it's not easy, it is hot," said Hernandez.
As the time passes and people come and go, the tent becomes shaded.  But that doesn't keep customers from turning up the heat with opinions.
"I think it's crazy," remarked one shopper as she walked past.
Drisana Pollack was at the store shopping and wondered what the tent was for.
"I could not believe that somebody would wait out here for three, four, five days just for the Black Friday event," said Pollack.  
For Orta, she's still finding it amazing that she's sitting in a tent outside of Best Buy.  "It's not the oddest thing I've done, but it's pretty crazy.  It's different," explained Orta.
What's really going to make these campers happy is if they're the first ones in line to be able to come through the door and get their hands on a flat-screen TV.
"I'm interested in the 42" and the 55", but mostly the 55" that's similar to the one right up here," said Orta pointing up at a 55" Samsung.
These two are not alone in their camping quest.  They are swapping time with several others within the families.  Best Buy opens for Black Friday bargains in a little more than a week. 
Get some rest.  
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